Managing Newsletters

Written By Rachana TR (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 14th, 2022

While Quintype itself does not provide a newsletter despatch feature, we recommend the use of Mailchimp <> to release and manage your newsletters. You can create newsletters to share published stories by adding them to a Collection. To configure newsletters:

  1. To view the Newsletters page, in your browser's address bar, append “newsletters” to your editor URL, and press enter. for example,
    (In the URL above, replace yourorganizationname with your Organization name or the correct subdomain name of the URL.)
  2. Select a template for the Newsletter.
  3. Select the stories to be added to the newsletter from Select story drop-down.
  4. Click Preview
    The newsletter preview and the HTML code is displayed.
  5. Copy the HTML code and add it to your Mailchimp account.

For more about using Mailchimp to manage your newsletters,see here.