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Release Notes: June 2020

What's new 

Introducing Invoice listing page.

We have now released a dedicated page under Analytics for downloading information on the subscription purchase details.

Select a specific group from the dropdown and apply them to see invoices against that group.

Users can download the report basis the filter applied by clicking on the 'Download' icon

Upon clicking the download icon and selecting the "Generate & Download" option from the pop up, the reports gets generated and downloaded.

Users can also see the recently downloaded reports from this pop up and download them any number of times.

Once the report is generated users get a success message and the report will get auto downloaded into the browser.

Release Notes: May 2020

What's new

Introducing a new group type called "Group Access"

A new group type called "Group Access" has been introduced which now allows a group of people to access content basis the plan purchased by the organisation they belong to.

What it brings

Publishers can now have group subscriptions by creating corporate organisations as their customers. Basic information required to create an organisation are Organisation Name, Primary Email & contact information, Domain name of the organisation.

Admin can allow/restrict the number of users within the organisation who can access the content by entering the max number as part of the configuration. The details of these configuration will be basis the sale agreement between the corporate organisation & the publication house.

Admins can upload the user details as a CSV under organisation page which will provide them access to content. An admin can delete/edit the member details as and when needed.

Note: The user details CSV will be generated by organisation admin team and AT will not be validating the list. AT will throw error only when basic information of the user is missing in the given CSV.

Group Reordering

AT now allows admins to reorder the subscription group from the dashboard based on the need. This saves a lot of time and effort for publishing/marketing teams at publication house to change the order in which it should display the groups on their website for their consumers.

Release Notes : 27th April 2020

What's New

1. Comparing Assets before creating a subscription

We are now comparing the assets of a new subscription with other existing subscriptions of a subscriber and create sequential subscription if the asset of new subscription is same as that of an active subscription.

2. Domain White listing from Dashboard

We now allow multi domain or sub domain whitelisting for a publisher right from dashboard under general settings.

Release Notes : 10th APRIL 2020

What's New

1. New UI design for AccessType for better user experience

We are in the process of giving a fresh look to AccessType for better UX. This is planned in phases and as a first step Navigation bar on left side has been upgraded with new UI design and icons.

2. Regrouping based on relevancy .

All the different menu groups which consist same concept are combined and brought under one group .

All the existing functions & pages are intact and have been grouped under each of these icons based on relevancy.

Release Notes: MARCH 2020

Whats New

1. PayPal is now added on AccessType

We have added another payment provider "Paypal" which supports both one time and recurring subscriptions for multiple currencies.

2. Gifting a subscription is improved

As compared to earlier version, a user can now gift a priced subscription plan to friends and family. The invoice will be generated with the gifter's details and will be available to download.

3. Access control based on published date

Assets are now limited to one asset per plan. On adding an asset to a plan and choosing access as lifetime duration, you get an option to configure the grant permissions based on the story published date.

You can either choose to give access to the full stories published anytime or you can choose to give access to stories published during a particular duration. This mean you have more flexibility now in providing access to only archives, issues or content published with in a time range.

Limit the visibility to a defined period for archives and allow users to have lifetime access to content published during the subscription period.

4. Alphanumeric coupon codes with a mix of both upper & lower case

Coupon codes are now no longer defaulted to uppercase characters but it can be created with a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters along with numerals.

Release Notes: FEBRUARY 2020

What’s new

1. CSV upload is now easier and enhanced

CSV upload has become much easier now, as we have provided guidelines and constraints while using the CSV upload feature for the users. The new guidelines make sure the users know what are the mandatory/optional fields, date formats supported and what happens when the user put subscription id in the CSV to be uploaded

While uploading subscription CSV, now we show specific error messages to the user making it easier for them to understand the issue.

Users now have the option to "Turn OFF" price validation in CSV uploads. This feature will be helpful in cases where the plan price has changed before migration, subscriptions that are to be migrated might be bought at older price, whereas the plan is created with latest price.

Release Notes: JANUARY 2020

What’s new

1. Append Campaigns into the Subscription module

Creating and maintaining campaigns are now made simple by making them part of Subscriptions. Users can create a subscription group of type Campaign and assign a goal to it.

While setting up a goal, users can now select a currency of choice from the vast range of currencies available from the dropdown. Plans that are created within this group will only have the currency chosen while creating that group.

The groups of type Campaigns will show the progress bar on the Goal Achieved against the set target. This makes it easy for the users to track the goal in real time.

Release Notes: DECEMBER 2019

What’s new

Coupon Inspector validation changes for coupon code and amount

We have now moved away from traditional view of Coupon page to a brand new Inspector element view while creating a coupon code to improve user experience on AccessType.

Stripe now available for recurring plans

Now we have extended the Stripe PG option for all the recurring subscriptions. Publisher can now enable both Stripe & razorpay as the payment method or just either of them when they create a recurring subscription plan.

Once the PG is enable you can then link this AccessType recurring plan to Stripe

Do not have the Stripe or razorpay merchant account yet? you can register to it by clicking on Razorpay or Stripe


1. Retain selected Groups/Plans in Analytics dashboard on changing filters

Now users can pick any particular group or plan from the analytics dashboard and match with different duration or granularity without the graph getting reset.

2. Restricted user access to PG for admins

We now allow only users with the permission level set to "Owner" to be able to see and use the Payment Gateway page on AccessType. This access level is also applicable in all places where there are options to connect a PG. Any user with other permission levels will not be able to see the PG or connect to a PG option accross the AccessType platform.

3. Not displaying PG button under subscription plan page.

If the "Owner" user disables the razorpay or Stripe account in the payment gateway, then connect or update the PG buttons will not be visible under the subscription plan page.

Release Notes: NOVEMBER 2019


Supporting global currencies

Now we are supporting 135 different type of currency in AccessType.

Introducing the Trial Period in AccessType

Publishers can now setup a trial plan for the subscribers to access the content without paying. Subscribers can always cancel the subscription within the trial period and not get billed.

Access level and section can be selected from QT platform

Now admin user doesn't need to remember the section names or access levels of CMS platform to add assets. If any CMS platform is connected with AccessType then section names or access levels will be displayed automatically in the dropdown menu.

Added new buttons in analytics dashboard

Select all and cancel all button has been introduced in AccessType to make the user experience better. Users can select a few groups to compare over different date range.

Resolved issues

We are now showing the currency selected during the plan creation as a default currency shown while adding a manual subscription for a subscriber.

Release Notes: OCTOBER 2019


Area chart in the Analytics report

We have now integrated an area chart in analytics for a better understanding of the data.

Release Notes: SEPTEMBER 2019

What’s new

Including Currencies, Plan & Group filter in revenue graph

The revenue graph now contain currency, plan & group filters for the users to get more granularity.

Displaying subscription attempts in the subscriber profile page

We will now show the 'Subscription Attempts' section in the 'subscriber profile' page. This can be useful for the publishers to do many analysis to understand the most used PG for transactions, which PG has highest success ratio, run campaigns on users who have tried multiple times and failed etc.


Programatically disabling the Outgoing Webhooks

We are now disabling the particular webhook if any event of a webhook has been failing 24 times. We will then only process the webhooks that are already enqueued.

Resolved Issues

Updating the Amount and the currency when subscription created by CSV upload

Currently, We are populating amount paid and currency value for the subscriptions which got created by uploading CSV.

Release Notes: AUGUST 2019

What’s new

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

We can now accept global payments with the new Stripe Payment Gateway integration. This gives more flexibility in accepting payments across multiple currencies from subscribers.

Skip payment gateway

AccessType now skip the payment gateway and create a subscription when the plan value is "0". This can be for a use case when the entire plan amount is discounted using a coupon code.

Capture note & amount paid for manual subscription

In case of manual payment done through Cheque, DD or Hard Cash towards a subscription plan, a note can be added manually while creating a subscriber with the details of the plan, currency and the amount paid.


Add new event in webhook dashboard- 

We have added a new event in the webhook dashboard when a subscriber got created.

Additional fields in Attempts CSV Report

The attempts CSV Report now contains additional fields such as 'payment type' which makes it easy for the publishers to know the PG used for the payments and run some analysis on them.

Resolved issues

1. Payment refused if coupon value is higher than the product price

With the new fix subscribers can now apply a coupon code of a higher than the product/plan price.

2. Fix broken invoice

We have now limited the maximum discount value to be equal to the plan price. This helps in fixing the invoice calculation.

3. Identity mismatch issue

The extra blank spaces which were inserted before and after the user name is now removed to handle the identity issues.

4. Getting error while processing Refund payment

We are stoping the user to process refund payment when there is no amount paid.

Release Notes: JULY 2019

What’s new 

Webhooks Dashboard

AccessType uses webhooks to notify your application any time an event happens on your account.

Webhooks added are subscription creation, cancellation, renewal, activation, expiry, expiry reminder, entered grace period and awaiting payment.


Set a low priority queue for webhook jobs

To ensure that the Outgoing webhooks does not interfere with other jobs and cause major performance issues we are giving low priority to webhook queue as opposed to the others which are set as High.

Release Notes: JUNE 2019

Whats New

Cron job for subscription expiry

Accesstype now has the ability to inform the third party system by webhook calls. A job has been added to post expired subscriptions to webhooks for the given duration.

Allow coupons & vouchers for PPA

Now we are allowing AT coupon code and voucherify coupons (amount and percentage) to purchase a single asset giving more flexibility to the publishers while running a campaigns.

Enhancement done to Voucherify

1. Subscription creation redeem call to voucherify

After a subscription is bought, a voucher redeem call will be sent to voucherify to redeem the coupon.

2. Apply Unit type for Voucher benefit

Subscriber can now buy a subscription using a unit type "coupon" in which case user will get a unit (1 month) as a benefit.

3. Fabricate voucherify to work for different discount types

Presently we have added voucher benefit of percentage and amount, so these can be also applied as a benefit.

4. Referral voucher logic

We have now introduced a new logic where a referral voucher can be applied only by subscribers who have not brought any subscriptions

5. Add voucherify toggle

Enabling /Disabling Voucherify at account level has been introduced.....which makes it easy for the publishers to enable or disable voucherify for any AccessType account.

6. Failure message when the voucher not found

We have added error handling which will show an error message when no plan is found for wrong/ discount coupon applied during the purchase of a subscription.

7. Process referrer reward

Currently if a user bought a subscription successfully using a referral coupon, referrer also gets a reward after getting confirmed by voucherify.

8. Connect Standard and PPA with voucherify

Now we are also giving different plans as a voucherify benefit, for that we have added an option to connect voucherify with Standard and PPA plans in AccessType.

9. Subscription references for a referred subscription

Now we are keeping a record on references of a subscription that got created for referring a voucher.

10. Tracking benefits received by a user

Currently, we are keeping all the records for each subscription, which are received by a user as a benefit.

Resolved Issues

Redeem call to voucherify not having all necessary data

Previously we are not sending all necessary data while sending redeem call to voucherify, which is got fixed.

Subscription preview error

We are getting error message instead of failed preview call, when user try to use referral coupon more than once.

User can't redeem their referral voucher

Redeeming their own referral code is blocked for the users.

Release Notes: MAY 2019

What’s new

Voucherify integration

We integrated promotion management software ‘Voucherify’ with AccessType, which will allow publishers to create coupons using Voucherify. This gives total flexibility in the way you design, distribute and track coupon and referral programs.

Standard plan


Getting 500 error when payment_attributes is empty for juspay

If payment attributes are empty, payment error logs gets created and api will respond with 422 (Un-processable Entity) making it easy for error tracking.

Managing Juspay payment window

An error message is displayed to the subscriber when the Juspay payment gateway window is closed manually/accidentally .

Resolved issues

Report page row count not getting updated

The new fix ensures to update the row count in sync with the number of reports getting generate.

Release Notes: APRIL 2019

What’s new

Moving metering settings to CF edge worker

We have shifted our decision-making mechanism to the edge. The decision-making mechanism incorporates metering logic (if applicable to the publisher) and adhere to the specifications of Authorisation endpoint for amp-subscriptions.

Add preferred time zone to account settings

We have added preferred time zone (IST, UTC) for each AccessType account, so that any account user can calculate or perform any action based on preferred time zone.

Daily Consolidated subscriptions report

The subscription report contains Subscription details, payment information, tax invoice data and subscriber information for Plan based subscriptions, PPA purchases and Campaign subscriptions, all in one file which can be found under AccessType --> Analytics --> Reports.

The report will be calculated based on the time zone set for the AccessType account.


1. Modify metering rule

With the updated metering rule, if access level is not set in AccessType, then it either allows all story for metering or no story for metering.

2. Optimise numbers of purge API calls

We have optimised the number of purge API calls now, in which not more than two purge API calls is allowed in a subscription purchase journey.

3. Updating Paper trail

Added more details to trace the deletions of Subscriber Wallets in database.

Resolved issues

1. Modify juspay signature verification

Now we calculate the signature on every key that has been sent by juspay, except when they are sending signature and signature algorithm.

2. Delayed Job UI fix

Updated delayed job code to solve 'forbidden' issues when we clicked on any button in delayed job page.

Release Notes: MARCH 2019

What’s new

Reset Invoice sequence

A scheduled job has been introduced to reset invoice sequence and update its prefix for any account on 1st April 0000 hrs IST.

Included payment gateway fee

A new field termed payment gateway fee has been added in subscription report.


Subscription Report format modified

Subscription report format now includes the international payment to help identify those payments that are made using international cards.

Subscription reports now also include Payment Transaction Date for better reconciliation of Recurring subscriptions.

Adding new methods to ATJS

Now 'campaign subscription' and 'disable meter' methods are also included in the ATJS package so it can be easily consumed by the front end.

Updating paper trail

We have added paper trail in webhook settings for better tracking of activities.

Modify Invoice payment mismatch alert

The new fix stops sending false alert for non generated invoice of a recurring subscription to the subscriber.

Remodelled Metered Paywall

The metered paywall settings has been remodelled to set the different access level conditions and a separate set of rules has been set for anonymous and logged in users.

Adding the number field component

This will set a minimum value of 0 for all number fields possible in AccessType.

Resolved issues

Razorpay 2nd charged date issue - Now we are showing payment date instead of subscription creation date and creating an invoice after actual payment done.

UI fix - The new fix ensures to show the "Add New Plan button" which was otherwise getting hidden previously when there were many plans added under "Subscription Group".

Before fix
After fix

Paytm transaction status - Now a job has been added to keep checking multiple times if we get 'paytm payment' status as pending, also it sets subscription status 'active' once we receive the payment.

Release Notes: FEBRUARY 2019

What’s new

Juspay integration

Integration with payment aggregator Juspay for the iframe type of integration. Juspay's algorithms will choose the best payment gateways basis the best success rates and also take into account pre-defined priority logic to offer the most efficient payment options to customers. To create a Merchant account on Juspay write to

Analytics Dashboard

Now we have analytics dashboard to get clear view of the total number of subscriptions that got created per day/month.

Refund transaction details displayed in Subscription Card

Now its easy to view the refund transaction in the 'Subscription Card' so that the user knows there was a refund already initiated for the subscription by admins.

Private mode detection

We have implemented a method to detect users who are accessing content in private mode.


Updating Paper trail 

We are now recording user actions on notification settings, coupon code, subscriptions and report modules.

Update ATJS package

Integration became very easy for frontend publishers after incorporating 'Razorpay Recurring payment' method to ATJS.

Resolved issues

Graph issue fixes - All issues related to the graph are fixed.

Logged out users navigation issue- The new fix restricts the logged out users from navigating to any page using the browser history.

UI bug - We’ve changed the 'Edit' button appearance when there is no metadata fields to update.

Without Metadata
With metadata

Meter Paywall - We can configure to display paywall to all non subscribed users by defining the number of stories they get to see in a week/month/year. Control the access to the content and convert prospective users to your customers.

Creating a subscription - Now we have fixed subscription creation problem created by CSRF token checks.

Juspay preview issue for mobile number - As a fix now we are storing the mobile number from 'User' details instaed of 'Metadata' field.

Release Notes: JANUARY 2019

What’s new

Updated Subscription CSV Report Structure

The subscription CSV Report now contains additional fields for financial related purposes: Base Price, Discount amount, the amount after the discount before tax and round-off.

Subscriber Name field added in Subscription list and Report

The Subscriber name is now displayed in Accesstype UI as well as the CSV report by default, for all subscriptions, Pay Per Asset purchases and Campaign Patrons.

Proactive subscription creation

User subscriptions are created basis the response we get from payment gateway in cases where there were some errors/failures from the front end.


Included price breakup for Invoices

Added a new field in invoice and subscription csv file called 'round-off' which will capture any amount that was rounded off when calculating amount paid.

Get simple workflow upgrades

Optimizations and security enhancements on the Simpl payment option workflow.

Accepting Input currency only in rupees and dollars

Now we are accepting Input currency only in rupees and dollars instead of paise and cents to make it more easy for users.

Resolved issues

1. Subscription CSV Report

Duplicate entries for recurring subscriptions are eliminated

2. Tax amounts Display

Tax amounts are displayed under the appropriate tax columns.

3. Restrict typing alphabets in the price field

As a fix now we are only accepting numbers in all price fields.

4. Restrict duplicate payment token

For all the recurring subscriptions we were storing the same payment token for every occurrence. We have now fixed this issue and there will be different token allotted for each occurrence.

5. Subscription attempts history

We are now keeping track of all the user attempts for deleted plans.

6. The error message is not appearing in a campaign

We have now added a banner for the error messages in the campaign page

7. Proactive subscription creation with coupon code

Incases where the coupon code is empty, the proactive subscription creation for one time and recurring subscription fails.

8. Considering discounted amount while calling consult balances API

So right now, the discounted amount is being considered while calling paytm and simpl consult balances API.