Story Alternatives

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at October 31st, 2022

A story can have a Headline and a Hero image that is used on the story page. It can also have an Alternative Headline or Alternative Hero image that are used to represent the same story on the Homepage of your website.

This is a handy feature that allows you to perhaps use a more ‘sensational’ alternative title on the Homepage to represent a story topic that otherwise may be perceived as ‘mundane’.

In addition to the Headline, you can also specify a Hero Image that appears along with the story. This image will override the Hero image specified in the Content tab of the story.

Release Notes: 24th October 2019

Inspector For Story Alternatives

BOLD now has a new inspector for configuring all Alternatives including hero image, headline and social alternatives.

Social Alternatives

Authors should be able to set separate social media image for all providers. In the Add Alternatives section, one should be able to give Alternate Social Media Image for a story. To access the section, global context menu will have the option to add alternatives.

Select images from media gallery or upload to alternatives. Images could also be edited using photo-editor, replaced or deleted as needed. The uploaded image would be used as the OG image for the story for each of the social channels. If there is no social image added as alternative, hero-image of the story would be displayed on social posts as usual.

The use of social image should be configured on the front-end website to take the social-image as the og:image instead of hero image.