RSS Feeds

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at October 19th, 2022

RSS is a type of internet feed that allows access to online content updates. For examples, readers can use an RSS feed in a news aggregator application to keep track of updates on multiple websites.

Quintype has RSS feeds available for different groups of content. For instance, every collection has an associated RSS feed, that can be used to notify your readers whenever there are changes made to that collection.

RSS Feeds can be customized for different criteria:

  • Sections/Collections
  • Trending Stories
  • Section IDs
  • Skip stories from specific Sections
  • Stories from a Sorter
  • Skip syndicated stories

Typically, you can access Quintype RSS feeds from:<your website>/stories.rss This generates RSS feeds for the last four hours.

You can pass parameters to this URL to customize the feed for different criteria.

  1. Parameter to fetch stories with different time durations/stories.rss?time-period=last-24-hours -> Fetches RSS feed with stories from last 24 hours/stories.rss?time-period=last-7-days -> Fetches RSS feed with stories from last 7 days/stories.rss?time-period=last-1-month -> Fetches RSS feed with stories from last 1 month
  2. Parameter to fetch stories by section slug section slug can be obtained from api/v1/config/stories.rss?section=section-slug -> Ex: /stories.rss?section=sponsored-content This end point fetches stories from Sponsored Content section.
  3. Parameter to fetch stories by section id (Preferable way to fetch stories by section)section id can be obtained from api/v1/config/stories.rss?section-id=id -> Ex: /stories.rss?section-id=2809 This end point fetches stories from Sponsored Content section.
  4. Parameter to skip syndicated stories/stories.rss?skip=value -> This removes syndicated stories from a particular source; Example /stories.rss?skip=bloomberg on bloombergquint skips stories syndicated from bloomberg/stories.rss?skip=all -> This all value as parameter removes all syndicated storiesThis parameter supports comma separated values; Example /stories.rss?skip=bloomberg,thequint -> This filters out stories syndicated from bloomberg, thequint on bloomberg quint
  5. Parameter to fetch stories from a sorter/stories.rss?story-group=story-group -> This fetches stories by sorter.The story group for any sorter can be obtained from api/v1/configThis doesn't have the time limit of 4 hours. This just pulls the stories from a sorter.
  6. Parameters to fetch stories by excluding stories from particular section(s)./stories.rss?exclude-section-ids=section-ids -> This fetches stories by excluding stories from section-id(s) lister;Example: /stories.rss?exclude-section-ids=2435 this fetches stories and filters out stories(if there are any) with section id 2435.section-ids can be obtained from /api/v1/configthis parameter supports multiple sections ids as comma separated values. This helps filtering out stories based on multiple sections.

Bold Release Note - 29 Dec 2020:
Language Code now included in config API

The `/api/v1/config` API now returns the language code that is set for your publisher at the account level. Publishers that have developed your own websites on the Quintype platform can use this to set the language in your HTML pages.

Publisher Time-zone in stories.rss and instant articles feed

The time-zone in the date-time-stamps present in stories.rss and instant-articles feed is now present and matches the time-zone that is set for your publisher account.

The `/api/instant-articles.rss` and `/stories.rss` are the paths to access your Instant Articles and stories feed.

Contact us at [email protected] to change the time-zone for your publisher account.

Bold Release Note - 8 Jun 2021
RSS feed for Jio News

Now submit your news feed to Jio News in their specific format by simply adding the right query parameter. E.g.,

For more documentation on the RSS feeds generated by Bold, please see documentation here:

For more info on Jio News please visit

Language code for subdomains

The RSS feeds and News sitemaps of sub-domains now have their own language codes that can be specified.

Get in touch with [email protected] to set this up or to know more.

Bold Release Note - 20 Aug 2021

Large image size in yahoo RSS feed

The image links in /stories.rss Yahoo RSS feed provided by Quintype, now has the image size at a minimum of 1280 pixels long/wide as per the Yahoo RSS feed spec.