Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 10th, 2022

General settings:

  • Publisher name - Name of the publisher.
  • Platform- CMS used.
  • Whitelisted domains- Managing multiple domains through one AT account. The subscriptions created in all of the whitelisted domains would be available in one AT account.
  • JWToken - Useful only if the customer uses a third party CMS and not Bold. If they use bold as their CMS, they need not worry about JWT. It would work out of the box.

Users and roles:

  • Users part of the client team can be given access to the AT dashboard here.
  • Users should sign up on the AT dashboard once post which they would be listed in Users and roles-> clicking on grant access would give them access to  AT dashboard.
  • Owner/ Admin: If a user is given owner access, they would be able to configure payment gateways in AT. 
    • Admin - They would be able to generate reports. Would not be able to access account info including Payment gateway and so on.