Invoicing and taxes

Get a better understanding of invoicing and taxes and how the two intertwine.

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 12th, 2023

1.  Tax rates in AT are determined based on the location.
2. Plans in AT include taxes in their prices.
3. The plan price should be set up to include the taxes.
    For example, if the tax rate is $10 and the plan price is $100, it means that $90 is 
the plan price and $10 is the tax rate.
4. Invoicing is available for end users when they purchase a plan.
5. Template and invoice prefixes can be customized in the AT dashboard.
6. The template field in the AT dashboard allows the addition of HTML code for 
the invoice, including branding and layout design.
7. When a customer purchases a plan, they can access the downloaded invoice in their profile.
8. Clicking on the downloaded invoice generates a PDF with dynamic order details from their subscription, using the template design specified in the AT settings.