Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at October 12th, 2022

Quintype monitors the volume of visitors to your site and scales performance up or down depending on the number of visitors at a point.

Quintype is designed ground-up to ensure it can manage sudden burst scenarios. Our entire page delivery system is organized such that each layer can be scaled independently as and when needed. Our CloudFlare CDN, is capable of handling 100s of GBs of requests per second and can auto scale on demand. Our HAProxy load balance front-ends the Kubernetes cluster, which hosts our API servers and as soon as any instance hits 50%, we spin-off one more instance to ensure we are ready for scale always. We also use Varnish HTTP accelerator, designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites. All our data is managed by Postgres DB, which runs in master/read replica manner. All content writes happen to a master, which is propagated within a few seconds to the read replica which serves all content read request independent of other heavy operations.