Mobile Browsers That Are Compatible With Bold

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at October 12th, 2022

Bold is one of the few CMS’s that is responsive on mobile devices. Quintype encourages journalists and content creators to create content on the go.

What mobile browsers do Bold CMS support?

Here is a quick overview of the mobile browsers that Bold CMS is best suited for.

Browser Matrix Details

Browser Matrix Details

S No. Browser OS Level of Support Screen Resolution
1 Chrome Windows Full 1280x720
2 Chrome Android Full 360x640
3 Chrome Mac Full 280x800
4 Safari iOS Partial 414x896
5 Firefox Windows Partial 1366x768
6 Safari Mac Partial  
7 Chrome iOS Full 414x896
8 Edge Windows Partial  
9 Android Web-view Android No Support 360x800
10 Chrome Linux Partial 1200x800
11 Any browser Tablet No support as of now