Landing pages

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 22nd, 2022

A Landing page is a page that contains a sneak peak of all the information you would like to redirect your end user to.

Your homepage is your most prominent landing page, and serves as an introduction to your website and the articles within it.

Your section page is similarly a landing page, which serves as an introduction to a particular section of stories on your website. Example sections for digital publications are Marketing, Finance, Fashion, Politics, etc.

At Quintype, we organize stories as collections, which are structured as rows on your landing pages.

A landing page is created by cumulating rows. Each row can be a set of story collections, ads, or widgets. 

Page builder has a facility to pick the layout styles used for your rows. Layouts can be chosen from the set of options available. Once a layout is chosen, it reflects on the selected space in page-builder. Always remember to save your changes as you go.


Once a layout has been selected, visual and functional updates can be made to the layout. These include:
Slot settings:

  1. A few of the layout options are created to house an extra slot. This slot can be filled with
    1. Another story that belongs to the same collection
    2. An ad for which there is an option to enter DFP id/code
    3. A widget, for which there is an option to enter any jsembed code

Layout settings:

  1. Options to set the number of stories to be displayed in the row layout
  2. Options to enable or disable the display of the fields
    1. Row title
    2. Collection title
    3. Section tag, 
    4. Author name

Style  settings:

  1. To set the background colour theme for the row layout, from available the palette of colours
  2. To set borders between stories on the row layout

Button  settings:

  1. To edit the text used for common buttons used on row layouts
  2. To set properties of these buttons, including navigation on click/loading remaining stories on the same page

Slider settings:

  1. If the chosen layout is a slider, there are options to
    1. Choose the number of slides/stories to display
    2. Set slider properties like separators and slider arrows


Assuming you have created a  landing page using a number of such layouts, you can move the layouts up or down, vertically and even replace the row layouts again. Remember to save your changes as you go.