Story Pages

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 22nd, 2022

A publisher can have different types of stories. Story types include:

  1. Text Stories
  2. Photo Stories
  3. Video Stories
  4. Live Blogs
  5. Listicles

Only one story template can be assigned to a story type.

You can navigate to any story page from the Global header:

A publisher can choose one template from the list of pre-defined templates. For each story type, there are a fixed number of template designs.

Editing a Story Template

Primarily there are two actions that a user can perform with in a template

  1. Edit the slots with in the story
  2. Change the story element designs

We are introducing tabs with it the viewport. On one tab we'll show layout and on the other, we'll show Story elements. This helps to easily navigate between both.

In the 'Text Story' page, by default there will be a tab for 'Global Story Elements'. This tab won't be shown in any other story type.


Adding Ad/Widgets within a story: Notice the `+` icons in the above screenshot.