Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 10th, 2022

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We can actually control Metype comments under settings. Under Configurations below points can be found, and by using the toggle we can enable and disable these features. 

Guest Commenting

  • Pre-moderation
  • Images/GIFs in comments
  • Links In Comments
  • Top Pages in Comments
  • Third party login
  • Guest contributions
  • Confidential commenting

Guest Commenting: Guest users will be able to comment on enabling this feature. When this feature is disabled, the users who are not logged in will not be able to comment until and unless they are logged in. When such users try to post a comment, then it will give a popup asking them to sign in using Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Pre-moderation: If you want all comments to go through the approval process then you need to enable this feature. Once this is enabled, then any comment posted on the article will not be shown until it is approved. Such comments will be present under the “Approved” section of the Comment manager, where you can approve or trash the comment. 

Images/GIFs in comments: By enabling this feature, will allow users to share images/GIFs in comments. If then they can upload images or GIFs in comments by clicking the image icon as shown below:


Links In Comments: By enabling this feature, it will allow users to post comments with links. It is turned off by default as there is a high possibility that spammers can post some fishy links in comments and it can redirect users to different websites which might lead to a scam.

Top Pages in Comments: If a publisher wants to show their top story with maximum comments then this feature can be turned on. By enabling this feature, it will check the top 4 stories which have the maximum comments and will show as a reference after the comment widget. 

Third-party login: Usually, users can log in to a website to post comments on stories. If this feature is turned on, then if a user logins into a website, then they don’t need to login to the meType widget to post comments.

If this feature is turned off, they need to log in to the meType widget to post comments to a story as well even though they are logged in to the website.

Guest contributions: This feature can be enabled if a publisher doesn't want users to send a story without login. If this feature is off, then users will get an error if they are not logged in to the site.

Confidential commenting: Enabling this feature will allow users to post comments as anonymous users. Even though they will be logged in to the site and the publisher can see which user has posted a comment but at the front end, other users won’t be able to see the user details. 

For a particular story, a maximum of 10 comments can be loaded. This can be managed by the publisher to show the number of comments when the comment widget is loaded first.

Allow Multiple Domains

If a publisher wants to enable a metype widget for multiple websites, then they can add site URLs under multiple domains and save the changes.

Manage Sensitive Content:

If a publisher wants to block some words in a comment, then they can enable this feature and add the words they want to block and they just need to tick the box and save the changes to be implemented.