Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 12th, 2023

Page-Builder is an intuitive configuration management application that allows you to control the layout of your website seamlessly. This includes atom-level to theme-level details, tailor-made for the publishing industry.

Quintype’s page-builder was built in an addendum to Ahead, our front-end app, that allows any publisher to go live in 2 hours with their website (sans migration). Page-Builder allows a publisher to choose layouts and configurations from our pre-built industry-recommended design library (Arrow). Pages built using page- builder are responsive/mobile-friendly.



Page-Builder was built to help publishers to design and create their website through simple steps. Pagebuilder helps publishers to get components from Arrow and build a website based on their requirements.

Page builder was built on the idea of

  • Building pages based on publisher requirements. The most commonly used set of pages include Home, Story, Landing, Search, Section, Tag, and Author pages.
  • Creating unique branding for publishers, while doing so.