Create A User Account

Written By Rachana TR (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 24th, 2023

Users having administrative permissions can create and manage users. After creating a user, that user can be assigned roles and permissions.

  1. The option to add new user is available in the drop when you click on 'Add new' in the workspace
  2. Or, From the main menu select, Settings > Users and Roles and cllick on ‘Add user’
  3. Make sure you specify the mandatory parameters (Name and Email). The Username and Password - if you are allowing this user to access the CMS.
  4. Specify the user’s email ID, in the Communication email ID box; if you want the user to receive notifications about published stories.
  5. Click on Save.

After a User Account is created, you can share the credentials for that account with the intended user offline.

Create User using Social Media Accounts

You can connect to the Quintype URL and attempt to sign on using your Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. You must first attempt to login using one of your social media credentials mentioned above. On first attempt, you will be shown a failure message.

Now, get in touch with the Administrator, offline - and convey the social media id that you attempted to login with. Administrator can find the credentials of the user from the log of attempted failed logins, and enable the user.