How to Set up Teams(Themes) for a publisher?

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 7th, 2022

Current implementation details:

1. Teams is configured for a story attribute (In future, there will be support for section as well) 
2. User while working on a story, has to assign the story to a team by selecting the story attribute value from Advanced Inspector - > Attributes tab 
3. Teams rule apply to only workspace 
4. Creating teams is a DB activity (In future, there will be a UI for this) 
5. Teams supports multiple story attributes/attribute-values 
6. This feature is behind a toggle - once enabled and there are teams set up in db, users should be able to see the same on user's page via settings -> users -> user's page by clicking on Teams 

Creating a story attribute:

1. Create a story attribute from editor -- Go to Manage -> Attributes . 
2. Add values to the attribute and create teams in the DB with these attribute values

Set up teams in team table in DB:

Assign users to teams:

1. When Teams feature is ON for a publisher, Admins/user who has access to edit profile will get Add Teams Option . 
2. User will get the list of Teams available for the respective publisher in teams inspector . 
3. User has to select the team/s and update. 
4. If Teams feature toggle is OFF, Add Teams Option will not available for the admin user in edit profile

Teams impact on workspace:

1. The workspace will have stories based on the stories that belong to the respective team which logged in user belongs . 
2. Workspace will have stories which logged in user is owner/author of as well(though they may belong to other teams) . 
3. User belonging to one team can create a story for other team as well