Listicle stories

A listicle is an article written in list format. Each list item will typically include a few sentences or multiple paragraphs.

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at May 31st, 2023

A listicle story in Quintype provides a template to write content in the form of a list with extra details for each item in the list. This template allows you to add a series of content elements. The listicle story template starts with 5 cards. The header card (with the title, subtitle, and hero image), the second card is for the introduction and the third card is for the list of items. You can choose to delete or add the cards as desired.


Steps to create the Listicle story:
1. Log in to the CMS
2. Select “Story” from Add New dropdown

3. Click on the text and change the story template to a Listicle story (By default it will be a text story)

4. Please enter the title along with the hero image. This will be the first card of the story.

5. Now enter the details in the introduction card and the list of items.

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