Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at October 19th, 2022

A Sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs of all the pages in a website. Search engines use the sitemap as a guide to crawl through each webpage. On the other hand, if you do not want search engines to discover a webpage, the URL of that web page should be removed from the sitemap XML.

Quintype generates/maintains multiple sitemaps to help search engines crawl your website. Separate sitemaps are maintained for Sections, Stories, Static pages, and Images, etc., Every time a new Story is added or deleted in your website, or each time a Section is added/deleted in your website, Quintype automatically regenerates the Stories sitemap or Section sitemap respectively. Simultaneously all the image references from the stories will also get updated/retracted from the images sitemap.

The Static pages sitemap is manually maintained in Quintype. This comes in handy when you have content on your website that is not published through your regular stories workflow.

Cached versions of the sitemap are also updated so that the search engine crawlers find the new content easily.

Bold Release Note - 2 Apr 2020:
A Sitemap for Topics (a.k.a. Tags)

The index sitemap (e.g., that Bold generates for your website, now has a Topic Sitemap (e.g., which contains URLs for the various Tags that are used in stories of your website.

Configurable daily sitemap
Bold now allows you to configure the stories that you want indexed in your index sitemap based on when the story was published. You can do this in Manage > Sitemap

Bold Release Note - 8 Sep 2020:
Including time-zone offsets in sitemaps

Sitemaps generated for your website will now take into account the time-zone offset that is setup for your publisher account. By default, the timezone offset it set to UTC+0:00

Contact [email protected] to setup your timezone offset.

Bold Release Note - 29 Dec 2020:
Separate sitemaps for subdomains

Each of the domains/sub-domains that is powered by your Bold publisher account can now have a separate sitemap URL.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager at Quintype or write to us as [email protected] to enable it.

Bold Release Note - 8 Jun 2021

Image URLs in sitemaps

Images URLs from stories published using Bold are now automatically included in sitemaps generated by Bold.

Submitting Image URLs to Google, Bing and other search engines is a useful search engine optimisation.