Dark mode

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at December 20th, 2022

Now we have the dark mode option available for the website. You can enable dark mode from the header settings.

We have this option throughout the website wherever we have a color palette. You will be able to see the preview in the page builder (enable/disable dark mode toggle button). You also have the option to reset the changes to default settings. 


Irrespective of the dark mode being enabled or disabled, you can see the toggle option in the page builder. Toggle to dark mode and make changes so that you will be able to see the corresponding changes/preview in the page builder itself. At last, you can enable the dark mode from the header settings. The preview(eye icon) throws a 404 error for dark mode currently and our team is working on it. 


The dark mode is available for the below pages:

1. Header Settings - primary header color, primary text color, secondary header color, secondary       text color, Hamburger and Megamenu
2. Footer 
3. Breaking news
4. General settings > visual > Palette > Primary website colour
5. General settings > Styling > Row Title Design
6. General settings > Styling > Section Tag
7. General settings > Styling > Premium Icon Style
8. General settings > Manage > AT
9. Section Page
10. Text story
11. Video story
12. Photo story
13. Live blog story
14. Listicle story
15. Custom story
16. Global Story Elements - Text , BlockQuote, Quote, Blurb, Summary, Also Read, Bigfact, Attachment, Reference
17. Tag page
18. Author page
19. Magazine Landing page