Landing pages in detail

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at November 22nd, 2022

You can choose your landing page to be created as a page with stories from a single collection, or with stories from multiple collections.

  1. A Landing Page with all stories from a single collection

Pictorially represented:


  1. A Landing Page with all stories from separate collections from bold. Each row data will take stories from different collections within a single collection.
  2. To create a new landing page template:





Post Step#1 and Step#2, you have an option to i. select the landing page from the list of landing pages, or ii. to create a new landing page. In Step#2, you can see that the name of your landing page can be set.

The first time you create a landing page for your website, it defaults as the section page template and is assigned to all landing pages on your website (except for the home page?).

If this is not the first time you are creating a landing page, you have an option to set this created/chosen template to any landing page on your website.

The same template can be assigned to multiple pages. The last assigned template will override all other templates.


  1. A Landing Page with all rows as separate collections