Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 12th, 2023

Think of entities as dynamic multi-dimensional tags. An entity can be either an individual, a place, or an institution, etc. For example, you can create an entity called Rafael Nadal, of type - individual. Just as Rafael Nadal has many facets to his life in the real world, in the Quintype universe - you can store data about the different facets of Rafael Nadal. For example, information such as Rafael Nadal’s rank, his tennis history, news about the sportsman, his personal information, photo gallery, and so on can be grouped and presented together in Quintype.

Entity Manager enables you to create, edit and delete entities. To perform these tasks you need entity-save and entity-delete permissions.

Entity Types

Given that entities can be of various types, like a book, a person, a place, etc., going by the earlier example - to create an entity called Rafael Nadal in your implementation of Quintype, your site must allow the creation of entity type ‘person’. Get in touch with your admin team to create entity types that do not already exist in the system.

Each entity type is comprised of multiple parameters - for example, entity type ‘person’ can have a name (that can consist of alphabets/characters), a date of birth (that needs to be a date), a place of birth (that can again consist of alphabets/characters), and so on. Some of these parameters can be entity types themselves. For example, Rafael Nadal’s 'Nationality’ could be one of the parameters that the entity type ‘person’ allows you to record. Now, ‘countries’ could be an entity type that your website allows. Spain could be one of the countries recorded under the entity type ‘country’. Thus one entity type can be used as a parameter to complete the definition of another entity type.

Create an Entity

  1. Select Manage Entities from the menu.
  2. Click Add Entity.
  3. Select an Entity Type
    Subsequent fields will vary for different entity types. For example, if the entity type is a Person, you can specify the person's name, Twitter handle, photo, etc., If the entity type is an Organization, you can specify the year of incorporation, photo, city, etc.
  4. Click Save.


Get in touch with your Administrator or the Quintype support team when you want to add new entities to your website.


Edit/Delete an Entity

  1. Select Manage Entities from the menu. 
    The Entities Manager displays the entity name, the type, and the date on which the entity was created. 
    You can search for entities by name, type, or creation date using the Search field.
  2. Click the Edit option shown against an entity record, to edit that entity.
  3. Update the fields and click Save.