Tags And Adding Tags To A Story

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 23rd, 2023

A tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information. Quintype allows your organization to maintain a common repository of tags using the Tag Manager. While creating your story, you can pick one or more tags from this repository and assign them to your story, or create your own tag. Stories related to a common subject can be logically grouped together by tagging them with the same tag.

Only your administrator or a user with tag creation permission can add tags to the tag manager.

To Add or Search for Tags, see here.

Use Existing Tag or Add New

When you’re editing a story, and are trying to add tags to the story, you can search for a tag by specifying the tag name in the Manage tab > Tags field. You should have the tag-create permission to be able to create a new tag.

Use the tag you intend to create, as the keyword in the Tags field. If no tags match the keywords you specified, Quintype prompts you to add a tag consisting of your keywords. Click the prompt to add the tag.

You can also create a tag using the Tag Manager, and then apply the tag to your stories.
The Tag Manager displays the following parameters for each tag:

Tag Name: Displays the list of tag names.
Tag Metadata: Displays the description of a tag.
Count: Displays the number of stories using the tag.
Created On: Displays the date on which the tag was edited last.
Created By: Displays the name of the tag creator.
Actions: This enables you to update the description of a tag.