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Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 19th, 2023

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Quintype makes it easy for you to syndicate stories from news wires or other publishers, with virtually no human intervention. Your administrator and the Quintype team work together to setup how Inward or Outward Syndication will work on your website.

Inward Syndication

Quintype recommends ‘pulling’ content from RSS 2.0 compliant sources. Once a story has been pulled from a source, Quintype will also allow you to directly move a story to a specific stage in the story lifecycle. For example, you want all stories syndicated from source ‘x’ to be automatically published as is, without any editing or enhancements.

Syndication of content can also be done from API based sources. There is no predefined format/method in which this is done. The Quintype team will have to customize integration of content from such sources, and this could be a time consuming implementation.

Outward Syndication

Content Aggregators (Example: DailyHunt, UC News, SmartNews, etc) typically syndicate content from publisher websites like yours. Other publishers also may be interested in syndicating content from your website.

Typically outward syndication requires making content from your website available to content aggregators and other publishers in formats they expect.

While content aggregators can help boost the traffic to your website, they will have specific expectations on the format in which content can be received from your site. Your website can also be configured to only allow outward syndication for select Sections of content. For example, you can have only Finance related stories being shared for syndication with a specific recipient publisher.

Quintype has some out-of-the-box custom integrations already built for popular content aggregators.

The other important aspect to know, is that content recipients may want to filter out certain stories when syndicating content from your website. For example, stories that you may have already syndicated inward from news wires and may or may not have modified.

Elements in a Syndicated Story

When stories are being syndicated between two Quintype based websites - the process can be fairly straightforward.

For example, you syndicate a Live Blog story type from another Quintype based website. The story elements in the Live Blog story type are unique to the way Quintype structures a story. Provided you have the Live Blog story type enabled in your website, this Inward syndication will happen very smoothly. If you do not have a Live Blog story type enabled in your website, the contents from the inward bound story will all be displayed as multiple elements on a single card.

The same method is adopted when the source and recipient websites are based on two different backend platforms.

Outward Syndication behind a Paywall

An important aspect of outward syndication is the ability to control the amount of preview content an aggregator or subscriber can display when your website is behind a paywall. Quintype allows you set limits on the amount of content that can be displayed as part of a preview in the aggregator or subscriber website’s/app’s reader interface.

Again, this is a universal setting configured as part of your Quintype implementation. You cannot customize this for individual stories.

Bold Release Note - 3 Jun 2020:
Enhanced Bold Syndication

Syndicate stories from any third party application and update existing stories in Bold as well which allows a variety of different use cases when it comes to syncing content between your Print CMS and Bold.

Talk to your dedicated account manager at Quintype or write to us at [email protected] to know more.

Bold Release Note - 17 Aug 2020:
Re-syndicate previously syndicated content into Quintype

Quintype Standard JSON syndication now allows re-syndication so that the content remains up to date.

Get in touch with your Account Manager or write to us at [email protected] for more info.

Bold Release Note - 29 Dec 2021
PTI-English and PTI-Hindi JSON

Publishers looking to syndicate content from Press Trust of India (PTI) into their Bold instance can now efficiently do so as Bold now supports PTI's latest JSON syndication format for news in English and Hindi.

Please get in touch with [email protected] to set this up.

Bold Release Note - 23 Mar 2022

Access levels in Quintype Syndication

Quintype Standards JSON Syndication now allows syndication of stories to have pre-defined Access Levels. These Access Levels are used for Subscriptions and paywall content management withAccesstype.

The updated documentation isavailable here.

To know more about Quintype's Paywall and Subscription Management productAccesstype, get in touch with us at [email protected] or [email protected]