Push Notification

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at May 29th, 2024

Specify the Title and Message for the notification that should be sent to readers, when this story is published. The two check boxes indicate which of the notification methods should be used to notify readers.

Scheduling additional Social Media Notifications

Click the Add Social Media Notification box to schedule a new notification. Each notification definition consists of three parts:

  • The Auto Publish message (message to be shown to readers as part of the notification),
  • The Schedule (date/time) at which the notification should be pushed to readers.

    Quintype supports the below push notification integrations directly from bold to Frontend.
FCM Web Mobile
Moengage Web Mobile
Onesignal Web Mobile
Push Engage Web Mobile
iZooto Web --


Bold Release Notes: 30 January 2020
PushEngage support 

Bold Release Note - 1 May 2020
Push Notifications Channels support

Bold Release Note - 4 Feb 2021
Large image push notifications on Bold