Enabling GA4

Add a Google Analytics 4 property (to a site that already has Analytics)

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at July 28th, 2023

Google Analytics has forced an upgrade to GA4.

This has impacted some features of Bold.
Listed below are the features impacted and steps Quintype is taking to migrate to GA4 Analytics for powering its Analytics features in Bold. 

Impacted Features on Quintype Bold platform: 
- Analytics dashboard in Bold
- Automated collections using the 4, 12, 24 hrs trending logic
- Trending page views in the collection edit screen
- Trending tags and authors APIs

Stage 1: Move your property to GA4
- Start collecting data on your GA4 account by turning on GA 4 for your property on the     Google Analytics dashboard.
- These are the steps from Google to do so.
- Enabling this will not affect your data collection into GA3 until July 1, 2023. However, as the deadline approaches, this data collection in GA3 is expected to stop.

Stage 2: Share credentials with Bold for data ingestion
- Please follow the steps in this document

Stage 3: Start seeing Bold analytics data with GA4 as the source
- The switch to GA4 will be done from 29 June 2023 onwards
- This is turned on for a few publishers already and the transition will be done gradually today and tomorrow.

Note: Publishers having trending collections with sorting orders of 4-hours and 12-hours trending will automatically be migrated to the sorting order of the latest-published.

Some important differences in Bold between GA3 and GA4 sources of Analytics data:

  Bold with GA3 Bold with GA4
Google Analytics API used GA3 Universal Analytics real-time API
GA4 Reporting API

Availability of page-path dimension.

PS: Bold uses page-path dimension to map a page view with the actual story

Available in real-time API.

Not available in GA4 real-time API therefore we will be using reporting API.

Reference: GA4 realtime-dimensions.

Accuracy of data
Bold used the GA3 real-time API which provided sampled data. Usable but not 100% accurate.


Bold will be using the GA4 Reporting API which is 100% accurate.

Real-timeliness of the data Near-real-time. 
Data availability in Bold would be between 0-10 mins stale.
4-8 hours stale.
Usability of Trending Collections

Real-time ness was good for applying 4, 12, 24 hours trending logic in Collection APIs. Will not be useful for 4 hours of trending API.
Somewhat usable for 12, 24-hour trending API.
AMP page view data Included by default

Google has not included this by default.

Could be included using custom dimensions on the website. 
Quintype will soon be providing a way to make this available to its Bold + Page Builder customers 
As well as properties that are custom-built using Quintype’s Malibu Library. 

 While we acknowledge that Google has discontinued giving the page path and AMP page views in their GA4 implementation, we will be looking at paid alternate ways to get this information on a real-time basis for publishers with a greater need for near real-time decision-making and user experience. 

Please refer to the real-time dimensions to set up Google Analytics 4 credentials in Bold.