Video Stories

Video articles are an innovative type of publication item which is highly engaging for readers. It presents scientific findings using visual media, providing the reader with all the elements which support a traditional article.

Written By Rachana TR (Administrator)

Updated at June 30th, 2023

A video story in Quintype provides a template to add multiple videos into a single story. The template requires at least one video to be present in the story.

The video providers you can link to can be configured by your administrator. Supported providers include YouTube, Bitgravity, JwPlayer, Vidible and Brightcove are supported.

Note that Quintype does not support uploading of videos. Read more about the Quintype Media Library here.

Like all other stories, you can add other story element types to a video story. Other story elements can reside on the same card as the video content, or on different cards. Read more about Enabling story templates here.

You can also refer to Listicle stories and Text stories